Getting from Point A to B across any park, event, hotel resort, camping site or campus, is a much more enjoyable experience when it’s done in comfort and style. That’s where having the right passenger shuttle for your property or event can make all the difference. Made to move everyone — and everything — Toro’s all-new Vista® shuttle is the ideal addition to any resort, stadium, university or municipality.

Made for Work, Made for Comfort

The Vista shuttle has been thoughtfully designed to ensure quality, strength and durability that you can count on. Instead of extending golf cart frames — which can lead to a bent or bowed frame when heavy loads are added — Toro created a robust, modernised frame for each model. This helps ensure that guests travel comfortably and arrive at their final destination safely.

Toro Vista Shuttle is Designed For Strength

For longer rides, the Vista shuttle is well-equipped. Front and rear independent suspension, plenty of legroom and ample onboard storage space for passengers all contribute to a smooth and relaxing riding experience.

Additionally, a standard, fold-down rear seat provides quick and easy storage for bulky items, such as bags or boxes. A grippy texture and lip around the edge also ensure that items are held in place during transport.

Made the Way You Want

Whether you’ll be giving a campus tour or escorting event VIPs, you can choose a shuttle size that best suits your needs. The Vista comes in four-, six- and eight-passenger options, each designed for the task of transporting multiple passengers comfortably and conveniently.

The sleek, polar white body delivers a professional first impression while an assortment of accessories allows for easy customisation. Plus, each shuttle can easily be wrapped, painted or branded with decals representative of the event or venue.

Toro Vista 8-Passenger Shuttle

You also have the choice between petrol- and electric-powered models, both of which come with the option for additional lithium power units to further boost performance and length of use before the next refuel or charge.

The electric-powered Vista shuttles and add-on lithium units are powered by Toro® HyperCell® batteries — Toro’s proprietary, patent-pending lithium-ion technology — which have undergone extensive environment and third-party certification testing. And not only are they reliable and long-lasting, they’re also quiet and have zero engine exhaust emissions — making them an ideal option if you want a shuttle that causes little disruption to natural landscapes, passengers and bystanders.

Made for Easy Driving

While it’s important to ensure the comfort of passengers, it’s also important to think about comfort and convenience for the driver. The steering wheel is designed to allow drivers to easily get in and out of the seat while hydraulic disc brakes allow for swift, confident stopping power.

And with a quick glance, drivers can easily view speed, battery level (on lithium-ion models), fault codes and other key information on the LCD screen located on the dashboard.

Move Forward with Vista

Toro is excited to expand its commercial vehicle portfolio with the all-new Vista shuttle and become a single source for utility vehicles. If you’re interested in learning more about the Vista shuttle, contact your local Toro distributor or visit

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