Different mowing conditions demand different levels of power and performance. Toro’s Horizon® Technology on Z Master® 7500-D mowers lets you choose the right operating mode for the job. This patented technology is all about helping you maximize productivity, increase machine life and gain fuel-efficient savings. 

What is Horizon Technology? 
Horizon Technology is an onboard intelligence platform that allows communication between key systems on the machine to help you enhance performance in a wide range of mowing conditions. Operators can choose from three defined performance modes: 

  • Low Mode: Perfect for powering through thick, wet grass, this mode helps reduce deck packing and discharge clumping. 
  • Efficient Mode: Ideal for typical conditions, this mode provides excellent performance with reduced fuel consumption, noise and machine wear.  
  • Max Mode: Designed for the most demanding mowing conditions, this mode provides maximum power from start to finish. 

Track Hours on the Digital Display 
Within the digital display, the operator can track transmission hours, engine hours, PTO hours and how the machine is faring out in the field. You can even set your own engine oil hours. For example, let’s say you want to change the engine oil at 200 hours — just dial that in, and the display will alert you when it’s time for an oil change. This feature is available for transmission hour servicing as well. 

Protect Your Engine 
Horizon Technology also protects your engine by monitoring engine oil temperature and pressure, and will put the machine into “Safe Mode” if critical thresholds are exceeded. The clutch saver will make sure you can get back to the trailer without causing additional damage to critical components. 

To learn more about Horizon Technology on Z Master 7500-D zero turn mowers, visit the Toro website or contact your local distributor

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