Although Toro is most often associated with fine turf and golf course equipment, that’s not our only focus. In fact, The Toro Company has a long heritage in grounds care — supplying products for parks, green spaces and other turf management applications since the 1920s.

Today, Toro offers more than 50 dedicated products to fit the jobs grounds care professionals and contractors need to do — all with the durability and reliability Toro is known for. However, the benefits of working with Toro don’t end with our products.

Why Work With Toro
Working with Toro brings advantages that extend beyond equipment. For instance, Toro is 100 percent dedicated to grounds and landscape care. That’s all we do, and it has been our only focus for more than 100 years. Our experience and expertise go deep, which makes us an excellent resource when you have grounds care questions or need advice.

Another benefit of working with Toro is that we are thinking about the same concerns that affect your business every day — whether you have a one-person operation or a large company. From keeping operators safe, comfortable and productive to making sure equipment is always up and running, our priorities are the same as yours. And those real-world needs factor into every Toro design.

We also understand that downtime is money lost, and we do everything we can to minimize it. You have a job to do, and you count on your equipment. So when you need service or maintenance, our worldwide network of dealers and distributors is there for you with fast parts delivery and local technical support from factory-trained technicians.

The bottom line is that we stand behind our products and the people who use them — and that covers a wide range of grounds care applications. Read on for a quick look at Toro’s full line and how it can help you enhance productivity.

Tree Care and Landscape Preparation
Before creating a beautiful outdoor space, you have to prepare the site. Here are a few examples of Toro® products that are perfect for the job:

  • Lay the groundwork for irrigation, tiling/drainage, power lines and landscaping with the TRX-26 walk-behind trencher. Tracks allow zero-turn capability and excellent traction on wet or soft ground.
  • Move heavy boulders, concrete blocks, gravel and rolls of sod with the 450 kg rated operating capacity of the Dingo® TX 1000. This unit works with a range of attachments, including an auger, forks, grapple rake and many others so you can do more with one machine.
  • Transport people and materials with the Workman® GTX utility vehicle. With smooth steering and ground-following suspension, it offers an unequalled combination of comfort, utility and control.
  • Remove tough stumps quickly and efficiently with the STX-38 stump grinder. The Intelli-Sweep™ features prevents heavy cutting loads from bogging down the engine.

Small- to Medium-Area Mowers
Our smaller mowers help you keep properties looking their best without sacrificing productivity. These examples are perfect for trim work around curbs, sidewalks and trees, as well as smaller spaces:

  • Cover more ground in less time than smaller models with the TurfMaster® 76 cm mower. It offers a few extra centimeters of deck for added productivity, plus, it’s easy to handle and built for tough conditions.
  • Get a pristine quality of cut in challenging areas with Z Master® Professional Series zero-turn mowers. They combines excellent handling with superior comfort to maximize operator productivity.
  • Expect heavy-duty performance from the HD ProLine 53 cm commercial walk-behind mower. Features include self-propel rear drive and the Recycler® Cutting System for exceptional mulching and bagging.

Large-Area Mowers
From large properties to parks to school and university campuses, these mowers are a must for your biggest mowing jobs. Each model offers features to help save time without compromising on quality of cut.

  • Cut grass in the most challenging conditions with Groundsmaster® 4000 Series mowers. Features include Smart Power™ traction, high engine torque and up to 3.45 m width of cut.
  • Manoeuvre around trees and obstacles with the Groundsmaster 360 Quad-Steer™ 4WD. All-wheel steering lets you make 180-degree turns without tearing turf, so you can do less trimming and save time.

Lawn Care and Renovation
Toro’s range of specialty lawn care equipment is designed to help simplify your tasks while helping to improve turf health and appearance. These examples serve a variety of lawn care needs:

  • Level brush, tall weeds, saplings and heavy vegetation with ease using the Toro BRC-28 hydro drive brush cutter. It features a pivoting deck with a flail blade, electric start and one-hand control.
  • Clear grass clippings, aeration cores, chaff and other organic debris from sidewalks and paved areas with the Pro Force™ debris blower. It’s designed to deliver greater air volume flow.
  • Clear leaves, debris and snow year-round with the Toro Power Broom. It features patented commercial steering that makes tight turns with ease, as well as shift-on-the-fly transmission so operators can walk at their own pace.
  • Overseed properties with mechanical or hydraulic Toro seeders. They’re durable, lightweight, easy to operate and designed for even application.
  • Dethatch properties with Toro’s mechanical power rake that’s compact, lightweight and easy to transport. Optional accessories let you convert the machine for seeding or dethatching functions.

From hardscape to landscape to mowing, our portfolio has you covered with a full range of solutions for the jobs you need to do. No matter what the Toro product, our entire line is designed with input from grounds professionals — and our work is never finished. Our agronomists and engineers continually work on new solutions to increase productivity, conserve water, reduce fuel consumption and improve growing conditions.

The result is a line of products that offers ease of use for operators at every skill level, durability to handle tough conditions, and reliability to minimize downtime and keep your operators productive. Plus, it’s all backed by service and support from local Toro distributors who are dedicated to helping customers succeed.

Explore the full line of Toro products for grounds professionals at and contact your local Toro distributor to learn more.