Toro’s new LT and LT-F mowers combine a variety of new, enhanced features with a proven platform that landscape contractors and municipalities have long relied on. Here’s a look at how the concept came about and what the new models have to offer. 

A Bit of Background 
When it comes to commercial mowers, landscape contractors have three options: reels, rotary and flail. Choosing the right mower for the application depends on the cutting cycle and after-cut finish requirement. 

Rotary mowers are generally considered the most durable choice for heavy-duty municipal applications. By contrast, triple reel mowers have the advantage when it comes to versatility, productivity and after-cut appearance. With triple reel mowers, operators can choose to use one, two or three cutting units, varying the cutting width based on the site. 

In addition to these considerations, municipalities have been extending their mowing cycles longer in an effort to save labour costs. As a result, they’re looking for machines that can cut through tall, heavy grass without sacrificing productivity or quality of cut. 

With all this in mind, Toro set out to combine the versatility and productivity of a triple reel mower with the durability and simplicity of a rotary mower, creating a flail machine that’s well-equipped to power through longer grasses and leave a high-quality finish. That’s how the LT-F3000 was born. 

A Word About Stage V 
No discussion of what’s new on these mowers would be complete without a mention of Stage V. This new emission regulation has had an effect on all Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM), but most significantly on diesel-powered products of 19 kW (25.4 hp) and over. Stage V standards have driven a number of changes and enhancements to higher-horsepower products like the LT3340 and LT-F3000, whilst the LT2240 offers a more traditional, compact option. 

LT2240 Triple Reel Mower 

The LT2240 falls below the 19 kW (25.4 hp) threshold for Stage V. It doesn’t require a diesel particulate filter (DPF), so the engine and controls are more familiar to operators and technicians. 

The LT2240 is a lighter-weight option, making it ideal for municipalities or contractors who move machines from site to site on the back of vans or trailers. Its narrow transport width also helps with easier site access and increased manoeuvrability. 

New for 2021, the LT2240 now features a new deluxe seat and a standard CrossTrax® 4-wheel drive transmission system. It also offers the ability to fit either 200 mm or 250 mm cutting units with a choice of different blade options — a feature only available from Toro on a product of this size. 

LT3340 Heavy-Duty Triple Reel Mower and LT-F3000 Triple Flail Mower 

LT3340 Heavy-Duty Triple Mower
LT-F3000 Triple Flail Mower

Designed for heavy-duty municipal reel mowing the LT3340 is a robust, durable machine that offers versatility with independently controlled cutting units and productivity with a 2.1 m (83-inch) cutting width. 

The LT-F3000 offers all the features and benefits of the LT3340 and takes performance and capability to the next level with a high-horsepower engine and F30 flail cutter heads. It’s capable of mowing everything from sports pitches, parklands, housing areas and roadside verges to sites that are only cut five or six times a year. In addition, clippings and debris are contained within the cutting path, eliminating the need for extra clean-up and resources. 

The latest LT3340 features a 27.5 kW (37 hp) Yanmar® diesel engine, whilst the LT-F3000 adopts a 32.4 kW (43.4 hp) turbo-charged variant. Both engines are Stage V compliant. New features on both models include the CrossTrax transmission system for increased hill-climbing capability and traction compared to previous models — as well as Toro armrest controls and an InfoCenter LCD display. An optional full-weather air-conditioned cab is also available. 

Which Model Is Right for You? 
Toro’s LT-F3000 triple flail mower is a good all-round machine. It’s well suited for maintaining both fine turf environments and areas that are less frequently maintained. 

For areas that require the most pristine cut, the LT2240 and LT3340 triple reel mowers are well suited for the job and make a good complement to the LT-F3000 in a mixed fleet. The compact LT2240 is ideal for areas with restricted access and limited manoeuvrability, whereas the LT3340 has the power and versatility to be used for everything from light trimming to mowing dense, overgrown areas. 

Although the LT2240, LT3340 and LT-F3000 are different machines, the operator training, parts and workshop requirements are virtually identical — creating efficiencies for municipalities and landscape contractors. 

Learn More 
For more information about the LT2240, LT3340 and LT-F3000, visit the Toro website or contact your local Toro distributor. 

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