Toro® equipment is famous for reliability, but even the best equipment requires maintenance. Whether you’re a homeowner, contractor or municipality, you can keep your Toro equipment operating like new by following these cold-weather maintenance tips.

Check Your Owner’s Manual
Yes, it’s not a very exciting tip, but it’s a good one. Toro includes a recommended maintenance guide inside the owner’s manual for every piece of equipment, helping you schedule and perform period preventive maintenance to ensure reliable and efficient operation. Owner’s manuals (and parts information) are available on the Parts and Manuals tab on

Change The Oil
Many people think, “I’ll change the oil in the spring.” But allowing contaminated and diluted oil to sit in the engine during months of storage can cause sludge that leads to corrosion and rust. When it comes to oil, always think “out with the old, in with the new.”

Drain The Fuel Tank
Modern fuel contains ethanol that begins to break down after about 30 days, leaving a varnish that can eat away at any aluminum it comes in contact with. Protect your fuel system by draining the fuel tank and running the engine to empty the carburetor. If you can’t drain the fuel tank, add in a good fuel stabilizer and then top off the tank. Run the engine for five minutes to circulate the stabilizer throughout the fuel system.

Clean Inside And Out
Dirt lowers performance. Clean or replace the air filter before storing your equipment. If possible, cover the machine to keep out dust and weather.

Keep Your Battery Charged
If your product is equipped with a battery, check its electrolyte level and top off with distilled water if needed. Place the battery on a float type charger to maintain a full charge until the next season.

By following these cold-weather tips, bringing your machine out of storage should be as easy as adding fuel and checking the oil. Perform maintenance as scheduled, and you should enjoy outstanding performance from your Toro equipment for many years to come.

Contact your local Toro distributor for more information about storage and maintenance recommendations for your Toro products. Visit to see the many types of equipment Toro offers to help you year-round with snow removal, lawn care, and more.

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