Ergonomic design is all about comfort and efficiency. When operators are more comfortable, they can be more efficient and productive throughout the day. In fact, operator comfort can even help companies retain skilled employees and reduce turnover.

Toro products are designed with ergonomics in mind, and the redesigned MyRIDE® suspension system is the ultimate example. Available on select Toro® Z Master® zero-turn mowers, the MyRIDE suspension system features a suspended operator platform that allows for 9.1cm of travel and isolates the operator from the rest of the machine. This design reduces impacts, bumps and vibrations for a superior ride experience and increased productivity.

The MyRIDE suspension system also features adjustable rear shocks, which allow each operator to choose his or her own personalised comfort setting. The system is quick and easy to adjust, and it offers a wide range of ride preferences from soft to firm. Best of all, new Z Master mowers with MyRIDE deliver maximum comfort and ride quality without compromising the performance, durability, reliability and unmatched quality of cut of the Z Master mower.

For more information about Z Master mowers with the MyRIDE suspension system, visit the Toro website or contact your local distributor.