Professional-grade Toro® Z Master® zero turn mowers are built for productivity. To find the right match for the job, there are several things to consider, including the size of your operation, the size of the properties you need to mow, and whether petrol or diesel fuel is best for your needs. You may also want to think about your priorities in terms of operator comfort, the ability to attach buckets or tools, and even the size of your trailer (or if you frequently need to manoeuvre in tight spaces). Here’s a quick look at the Z Master line-up by series to help you find the right fit. 

Z Master 2000 Series 
The 2000 Series is perfect for a contractor with a team of one or two. Key features include Toro’s MyRIDE® suspension system with adjustable rear shocks to customize the ride and a suspended operator platform that keeps the operator floating over bumps and ruts all day. This series also has Toro’s Quick Carry System with brackets to attach buckets or tools so operators have everything they need once they’re out on the job. 

  • Productivity: Up to 21,500 square meters (5.3 acres) per hour 
  • Deck: 122 cm (48″) rear discharge or 132 cm (52″) side discharge TURBO FORCE®
  • Fuel/capacity: Petrol, 26.5 L (7 gal.) 
  • Ground speed: Up to 13 kph (8 mph) 

Z Master 4000 Series 
The 4000 Series is a good fit for mid-size contractors. All models in this line feature the MyRIDE® suspension system for maximum operator comfort. In addition, HDX models are equipped with aggressive 66 cm (26-inch) drive tyres, and all models are available with electric deck lift assist as well as LED lights for added visibility. The 4000 Series also comes with the Quick Carry System to attach tools and buckets. 

  • Productivity:  Up to 30,000 square meters (7.3 acres) per hour 
  • Deck: 122, 132 or 152 cm (48″, 52″ or 60″) side discharge TURBO FORCE 
  • Fuel/capacity: Petrol, 37.8 L (10 gal.) 
  • Ground speed: Up to 19 kph (12 mph)   

Z Master 6000 Series 
The 6000 Series is designed for busy contractors focused on maximum productivity, with a large-capacity fuel tank for all-day nonstop mowing. These models are available with Toro’s optional Michelin® X® Tweel Turf Tires that never go flat and have no air pressure to maintain. One model has the MyRIDE® suspension system, while the other models feature deluxe suspension with 3-D isolation mounts that absorb vibrations. 

  • Productivity:  Up to 30,000 square meters (7.3 acres) per hour 
  • Deck: 122, 132 or 152 cm (48″, 52″ or 60″) side discharge or 152 cm (60″) rear discharge TURBO FORCE 
  • Fuel/capacity: Petrol, up to 45.4 L (12 gal.) 
  • Ground speed: Up to 18.5 kph (11.5 mph) 

Z Master 7500-D Series 
When you need to power through the toughest mowing jobs, the diesel-powered 7500-D Series is a great choice. Diesel engines are more efficient and use less fuel than comparable petrol engines, while providing extra power. The 7500-D Series also features Horizon® Technology that lets you choose the right operating mode for the conditions, saving fuel costs while maintaining top-level performance. In addition, rear discharge decks let operators trim on either side of the deck while keeping pavements and flowerbeds clipping-free. 

  • Productivity:  Up to 36,500 square meters (9.0 acres) per hour 
  • Deck: 152 or 183 cm (60″ or 72″) rear discharge TURBO FORCE
  • Fuel/capacity: Diesel, 47.3 L (12.5 gal.) 
  • Ground speed: 20.1 kph (12.5 mph) 

All of these Z Master zero turn mowers have Stage V compliant engines, a super-strong tubular frame and a 7-gauge high-strength steel TURBO FORCE deck with a bullnose bumper. They’re also backed by Toro’s unbeatable warranties and over 100 years of build quality and engineering know-how. 

For more details on Toro Z Master mowers, visit the Toro website or contact your local distributor for selection assistance. 

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