Tighter spaces, shorter timelines, indoor noise and engine emission restrictions — these are all challenges your crew faces on the jobsite every day. Help them operate with the power, flexibility and efficiency they need to get the job done with the next-generation electric Toro® eDingo® 500 compact utility loader and Toro electric Ultra Buggy® e2500 compact material buggy.


Designed with enhancements driven by customer feedback, the next-generation eDingo 500 and electric Ultra Buggy e2500 take all-day power and productivity to another level. These machines feature Toro’s patented HyperCell Power System® and proprietary battery management system (BMS), which helps supply 8 hours of continuous runtime on a single charge*. The HyperCell® battery was specifically designed with the same innovative spirit that Toro has applied to its equipment for more than a century. Its quick-charging capabilities help crews maximize productivity and eliminate fuel costs while a cooler running temperature, zero engine exhaust emissions and no maintenance requirements allow you to complete more jobs with less hassle.


No job is too big for the next-generation eDingo 500. Featuring a narrower width of 76 cm (30 in.) and an increased hinge pin height of 205 cm (81 in.), this machine can navigate through tight doorways and clear most standard dumpsters.

The next-generation eDingo 500 is also capable of zero-turn manoeuvres at speeds of up to 4.4 kph (2.75 mph), aiding with faster completion times. Plus, it still boasts a rated operating capacity of 233.6 Kg (515 lbs.) and a 6.5 GPM (24.6  L/min) hydraulic flow, allowing for effective use of a wide range of attachments, including:

  • 4-in-1 Bucket
  • Narrow Bucket
  • Grapple Bucket
  • Floor Scraper
  • Adjustable Forks
  • Multi-Purpose Tool
  • Hydraulic Breaker
  • Grapple
  • Leveller
  • Floor Scraper
  • Mixer Bowl

With the ability to swap out the right attachment for the application, your crew gets the flexibility they need to tackle whatever job they face.

The compact, 80 cm (31.5 in.) design and zero-turn radius of the electric Ultra Buggy e2500 enables operators to manoeuvre materials through spaces as narrow as one meter wide — as well as active doorways — allowing you to reach areas of the jobsite that larger machinery cannot.

The electric Ultra Buggy e2500 is also equipped with a fold-up platform so operators can choose to stand on or walk behind the machine. Its durable design is ready to haul up to 0.4 cubic meters (14 cubic feet) or 1.1 tons (2,500 lbs.) of material of all types in a rugged polyethylene tub or optional steel tub. Additionally, the mounted directional and dump switches on the electric Ultra Buggy e2500 ensure continuous movement during operation.

The electric-drive motor on the next-generation eDingo 500 and electric Ultra Buggy e2500 makes both machines a quiet option for jobsites with noise restrictions — like schools or hospitals. Plus, both are designed with solid, non-marking tyres, making them an outstanding option for customers taking on indoor construction, warehouse and flooring applications.


When crews can operate machinery comfortably and with ease, they can complete more, faster. Improving operator comfort and convenience, the next-generation eDingo 500 was re-engineered with an on-board charger and cord storage, customer-favourite patented traction controls, a work light for improved visibility and a comfort mat to fight fatigue.

As for the electric Ultra Buggy e2500, the intuitive controls are easy to learn — allowing your crew to get to work quickly. Plus, the electric Ultra Buggy e2500’s auto-return dump feature automatically places the tub back in a resting position while the operator focuses on retrieving the next load.


All-day power, zero engine exhaust emissions, quieter operation, indoor and outdoor application — equip for future jobs with the next-generation electric Toro eDingo 500 and Toro electric Ultra Buggy e2500. Contact your local distributor or go to toro.com to learn more.


*Runtime may vary based upon conditions and attachment being used.

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