When winter weather strikes, Toro has you covered with a range of products for snow and ice removal. From dedicated machines to optional attachments, here are some of the top choices available:

Outcross 9060 Turf Utility Vehicle Snow Attachments
An optional factory-installed cab with heat and air conditioning standard is available to make the new Outcross 9060 ready for all-weather use. Snow accessory options also include a BOSS® plow.

Groundsmaster® 7200/7210 Polar Trac System
With the Toro Polar Trac System, you can transform your Groundsmaster® 7200/7210 rotary mower into a powerful snow removal machine. The system features a heated hard cab, innovative rubber track system and quick-connect attachments including an angled snow blade, fixed or powered V-plow, snowthrower and rotary broom.

Groundsmaster 360 Snow Accessories
A heated removable weather-tight enclosure can be mounted to the ROPS structure of the Groundsmaster 360 for winter operation. The front Quick Attach System (QAS), makes it easy to connect snow accessories such as a V-plow, rotary broom snowthrower or snow blade to extend the versatility of this rotary mower.

Power Max® HD Commercial Snowblowers
Built to chew through snowdrifts, new Power Max HD Commercial snowblowers are Toro’s biggest, baddest models yet. From the housing and frame to the ACS and chute, everything is made of 100 percent steel for extreme durability. The double deflector provides a wider range of throw, from right next to a fence to up to 17 meters (57 feet) away. Plus, the exclusive Anti-Clogging System regulates snow intake so operators can handle more snow in less time.

Toro Power Broom
This multi-purpose broom features power steering and a variable-speed transmission that allows you to shift on the fly, with 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds. Wheels can also be engaged independently or simultaneously with trigger controls so you can turn on a dime. An easy-to-use thumb latch lets you change the angle of the broom up to 20 degrees in either direction, so you can sweep the snow where you want it. Plus, the brush height can be adjusted in 3.2 mm (1/8-inch) increments, eliminating brush wear and surface damage.

Contact your local Toro distributor for more information about the variety of snow products and attachments available. We also offer a full range of equipment for all your landscaping and grounds maintenance needs, from trenchers and stump grinders to large-area mowers and utility vehicles. Visit toro.com to see all the possibilities.

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